Questions & Answers


Which came first the chicken or the egg ?

On day five of creation, GOD created “every winged bird according to its kind” (Genesis 1:21). GOD created mature birds with the ability to reproduce.

So the chicken was first, ready to lay eggs.


How can I make sure you have eggs instock before I visit ?

Click on this link  Store Camera to look at the table to see if there are cartons of eggs.  The picture updates every 2 minutes.

What type of chickens do you have ?

Laying now Ariving soon 

Are they free range?

They have about 1/4 acre of fenced grass to forage and we supplement with all grain laying feed and worms that we grow and gather from the property.


Why dont you refrigerate your eggs ?

In America, we are required to refrigerate eggs because of the factory farming practices. The USDA requires that an American egg be power-washed (because many factory farm chickens carry salmonella) and this washing removes the natural layer of protection that an egg has when it is laid. The natural layer of protection prevents contamination through the tiny pores of the egg. So after being washed, a factory egg is then coated with a thin layer of oil to offer some protection from contaminants and drying out.

Can I pre-order eggs ?

Just send us an email to the adress below or use our Order Form